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Choose any beat you want with Exclusive Rights included!

May 03, 2017

Exclusive Rap Beats – Browse hundreds of instrumentals available to buy

Instantly own the beat you want by purchasing exclusive rap beats with exclusive rights!

When buying instrumental beats online, you want to be sure you’re getting the actual music license. We have over 10 Years experience producing, mixing and selling exclusive rap beats online.  Go to to listen to the beats available with exclusive rights.

The price for exclusive rights is normally much higher than any non-exclusive license for music instrumentals.

The value of owning exclusive rights to music is a premise and provides justification for the price being much higher. The music is taken off the market and nobody else can use the track without prior consent from the new rights holder upon executing the exclusive transfer of rights for the music.

After you purchase the instrumental music of your choice, you’ll get a link with the wav, mp3 and contract to sign and return.

– You get signed contracts
– The Exclusive Rap Beats are removed from all sites
– You get un-compressed wav files (stems).
– Stem Tracks for re-mixing and/or getting mastered professionally.
– All beats are shipped on disk or USB drives. There’s a $9.95 s&h fee as well.

Buy Exclusive Rap Beats and Instrumentals

Exclusive Beats Meaning:

Get writers share to these beats and instrumentals and profit from the songs. Get listed with ASCAP and BMI. Use our instrumentals to gain the notoriety of seasoned professionals in the Music Business.

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