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APX Ventures – Top Altcoins Cryptocurrency with potential huge value in 2017

Jul 24, 2017

Top Altcoins Cryptocurrency with promising potential to increase in value in 2017 – APX Apx Ventures

Yes, I know this is not really a musical post.  But I want to talk about an interesting investment opportunity to make a ton of money in 2017.  That’s right, investing in something that’s got a promising business model.  Trust me – go to an exchange today and pick up some APX before they are all gone!! Just go to coinmarketcap and check coins with less that 1 million supply. That’s the prediction for this coin! Continue reading

Choose any beat you want with Exclusive Rights included!

May 03, 2017

Exclusive Rap Beats – Browse hundreds of instrumentals available to buy

Instantly own the beat you want by purchasing exclusive rap beats with exclusive rights!

When buying instrumental beats online, you want to be sure you’re getting the actual music license. We have over 10 Years experience producing, mixing and selling exclusive rap beats online.  Go to https://www.exclusiverapbeats.com/producer/Mike/ to listen to the beats available with exclusive rights. Continue reading

Charleston SC Music Producer and Audio Engineer – Best Beat Maker in the Low Country

Apr 25, 2017

Charleston Music Producer and Audio Engineer – Best Beat Maker in the Low Country

Voted #1 music production firm in South Carolina as Charleston’s best audio engineer among modern music producers.

Top site for finding a producer in Charleston, SC is www.charlestonmusicproducer.com.  Kustom, a seasoned music producer with industry connections and experience, is back in his hometown in Charleston, SC.  Having lived in Los Angeles for two years and traveled across the country with the biggest DJ’s, the high esteemed music producer Kustom finds his way back to his roots.  After years of making modern style beats, Kustombeats now brings his talent and experience to the Low Country music scene. Continue reading

Tequila – Trap Remix 2017 (produced by @Kustommusic on IG) FREE DOWNLOAD MP3

Jan 11, 2017

Tequila – Trap Remix 2017 (produced by @Kustommusic on IG) FREE DOWNLOAD MP3

Download Tequila Trap Remix by Kustom for Free (Mp3)

I heard this song “Tequila” by The Champs while I was vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Every time I hear it, my childhood memories of watching the movie “The Sandlot” would replay in my head.  Specifically, the part where all the boys are trying chew tobacco while riding the Tilt-a-whirl at the fair.  Remember that part?  Instantly, I going over and over in my head different ideas for making a trap remix to this classic sample.  I started chopping up the sample and adding hard, trap drum sounds with boosted 808 bass mixed in!  Continue reading