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Blog Q&A Interview with Kustom

May 10, 2016

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a music producer based out of Los Angeles, CA. I have been making music all of my life. I think it transcended into business when I was offered money for the ideas I was creating. Technology has also helped immensely in defining the sound that I am making. I’d say that I’m a fairly humble guy that enjoys hanging out with friends and making music on the west coast.

2) What inspired you to get into music production?
Music production didn’t “happen” until I started getting into studio / recording with a band. I was the drummer in a band that some friends and I put together – we were pretty good, but separated when we all went to college. When recording, I learned a lot about how to program drums, tune instruments, and balance the mixes on a computer. For example, if didn’t like the snare from my own drum set on a particular song, I could simply replace it with a sample. When all my band-mates split up, I kept it going and figured out how to work with all the instruments and sounds needed to make full songs. It was at that point when, I believe, I turned into a music producer.

3) What are some noteworthy records that you’ve been involved with?
Going to type a short-list discography here:

Tyrese Gibson – Ready 2 Ride (Fast n Furious 6)
“Thirsty” ft Flo-Rida, Kaptn, and Ultimate
“Nirvana” ft Pitbull and Allison Kaplan
Skip Marley – Three Little Birds (Sandals $50M campaign)
Skip Marley – Cry To Me (released, itunes)
Cedella Marley – Could U Be Love (Bob Marley’s 1st born)
Rebecca Black – Say What You Wanna Say
Uncle Murda ft Mike Epps – No Cake
Uncle Murda – Who Want Beef ft Chinx Drugz
Nicki Minaj – Finesse ft Brinx Billions and Gucci Mane
TRUB – Armaggedon (mixtape) ft Gorilla Zoe, Project Pat, Juicy J and Jacki-O
Jnez – “What I’m On” ft Young Dro
Jnez ft Shanell – Uh Huh
T.T. – Midwest Meltdown ft Twista & Tech N9ne
Ah Moon – Automatic (album production)
Мот – День и Ночь (премьера клипа, 2015)

4) Who are some of your favorite music producers and why?
Major Lazer and Dr. Luke. Year after year, these guys set the bar in music for the rest of world.

5) What is your DAW of choice and why?
Sony Acid Pro 7. I’m probably the only one left who would choose this DAW, but it’s the one I learned on. I’ve been producing music for 10 years with that program and every day I get a little better. I consider myself an expert at that program now which is why I use it over other DAWs, but each of them are great in their own way.

6) Any favorite VSTs?
Absolutely. I feel pretty confident in saying that you can find one of the following VSTs open in every one of my sessions:
1) IKMultimedia T-Rackz Custom Shop
2) ReFX – Nexus 2
3) Sylenth
4) Omnisphere 2
5) IKMultimedia Philharmonic 1
6) Izotope ozone 7
7) Soundtoys

7) Who are you listening to these days?
Currently studying some new stuff from James Blunt.

8) Who are you working with at the moment? Any upcoming projects?
A couple of interesting projects in the pipeline. I’ll list them off here:
– DJ Shift’s new song “Painkiller” featuring Julia Price and Kevin Writer set to release on radio with music video this summer. We were supposed to release it last year, but got caught up in the music video – which was a large effort as well.
– Mott (Russian) coming out with two more songs on his electronic EP under his Black Star record label. We released one song as an experiment last year – the video to that song now has over 21M views so we’re doing a few more. I just added it to list on question three if you want to check it out.
– Just got a call to produce a few things for Bonnie Anderson in Australia. She’s been holding the top seat in Australia’s pop music scene for a while, so I’m stoked.
– I’m currently producing Cameron Mcbeth’s EP, who recently signed to Agency Records. We’re planning on releasing some singles together this year to celebrate his signing and generate some buzz. Artist development mode.

9) Any advice for producers trying to build a name for themselves and any tips on selling beats online?
The music business is a great place to be, but you have to be committed to it. My relationship with the music industry is “at will” – so I can quit anytime, but I chose to keep producing and contributing because I’m committed. You also have to be humble since creativity requires patience. As a producer, you are responsible for the entire record, not just the beat.
Selling beats online is still a viable business. Biggest tip is sell a quality product. The beats simply have to sell themselves or they won’t sell. It doesn’t have to be a complicated beat, just quality. Remember: complicated is interesting; simple is effective. If you have a quality product, ample supply, and a responsive store for your beats, then you eventually will get sales. Next is to establish your brand reputation and marketing via social network profiles.

Kustom introduces beats made to order

May 04, 2016

Need custom beats from scratch?

Can’t seem to find that track that you hear in your head from our existing beats for sale? Let us bring it to life! With our years of experience, we can guarantee that you will fall in love with your custom beat.

All of our projects receive 100% undivided attention from start to finish. We value your input and will always take your thoughts into consideration. Likewise, we will suggest ideas to enhance your vision. For an even fuller track, consider our mixing and mastering services.



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Already have lyrics and need a beat made around them?

Do you have songs piled up in your notebook, but can’t seem to find the perfect beats for them? No problem. That is where we come in. For the first time, you have the ability to send us your acapellas and allow us to make custom beats around your lyrics! Get your tracks over to us and let us put some custom beats to accompany your lyrics.

Songs made to other beats are accepted as well. You can either send us the acapella version, or the full song.


Shift – Compass

Jul 13, 2015

Shift releases a new single featuring singer and song writer Allison Kaplan with music produced by Kustom and Lugo of SmashBoxx. The song broke into the Top 50 within one week of it’s release on media base, the official charts for radio. Check out the official music video below:

SHIFT – 8th World Wonder (Trap Mix)

Jun 07, 2015

His first release on Agency Records (ARC), the heavy pop “COMPASS” is a DANCE meets TOP 40 crossover with music produced by KUSTOM. In the coming months, SHIFT will have a number of releases on his Agency Record’s “ONE” LP. At ease behind the turntables and in the studio, in the electro world, progressive house and Trap, SHIFT is what you would call an open-format electronic producer/artist who sees no delineation between making music and playing it. He has gotten huge support from the most important dance music blogs ever since releasing his first bootlegs last year and 2015 promises to be SHIFT’s breakout year.