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Tequila – Trap Remix 2017 (produced by @Kustommusic on IG) FREE DOWNLOAD MP3

Jan 11, 2017

Tequila – Trap Remix 2017 (produced by @Kustommusic on IG) FREE DOWNLOAD MP3

Download Tequila Trap Remix by Kustom for Free (Mp3)

I heard this song “Tequila” by The Champs while I was vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Every time I hear it, my childhood memories of watching the movie “The Sandlot” would replay in my head.  Specifically, the part where all the boys are trying chew tobacco while riding the Tilt-a-whirl at the fair.  Remember that part?  Instantly, I going over and over in my head different ideas for making a trap remix to this classic sample.  I started chopping up the sample and adding hard, trap drum sounds with boosted 808 bass mixed in!  Continue reading

Music Producer Beats – Musicproducerbeats.com for new beats 2017

Jan 06, 2017

Music Producer Beats – Musicproducerbeats.com for new beats 2017

New beats 2017 for sale!  Pop | DJ | EDM | Trap | Radio | Rap | Hip Hop | RnB | Afrobeats | and more! Producer beats available at musicproducerbeats.com for rappers and singers who need rap instrumentals for their lyrics.  Song writers and recording artists who need background music for studio sessions.  Browse a variety of tracks available for instant download.  Click here to browse all beats Continue reading

Afrobeats instrumentals (prod by Kustom) at Afrobeats-World.com

Dec 02, 2016

Afrobeats Instrumentals for Sale (buy afro beats)

Afrobeat instrumental for sale!  Kustom, American music producer, has launched new website: http://afrobeats-world.com/. Afrobeats-World’s mission is to help you find the perfect sound for your lyrics and create for you an award winning sound which will help you further your career in today’s music industry.  My instrumentals are here to help you expand your musical vision to a greater height and help establish a deeper connection with your fans.  Afrobeats-World hosts instrumental beats from various musical genres ranging from afrobeat instrumentals, rap beats, hip-hop beat, trap beats, world instrumentals and many more… At Afrobeats-World, we believe that music is life and that life is eternal, therefore we harness the power of music and create new musical instrumental beats genres which are unique and diversified in nature. Continue reading

Best EDM Beats (designed by Kustom himself)

Oct 27, 2016

Introducing Best-EDM-Beats.com – A brand new place to get EDM beats by Kustom

It’s my pleasure to introduce a new website – www.best-edm-beats.com.  I like this site a lot because I am proud to say that I designed the entire thing myself from scratch with zero coding knowledge or experience!  Woohoo!  That is because I am an EDM producer who spends more time figuring out how to construct great dance tracks.

Continue reading